Episode 67

We live in troubled times, in our case troubled by technology, hospital visits and of course the impact of Covid-19.  But we are back with some hot news, some great maps, river wide political boundaries and Google Maps hacks.

Episode 66

Back for 2020 we kick off the new year with a look back at some of the biggest mapping stories from 2019.  Plus we discuss the misleading maps and images used to portray the Australian bush fires.

Episode 65

Its our Christmassy where we discuss seasonal gifts for the map loving loved one in your life.  Plus we have a fair bit of news from across the Spatial industry.

Episode 64

We skip youtube for this episode and get back to basics with some financially based Spatial News.  Plus we try and see what others can't and review Esri's TV commercial and consider what it means for the industry.  Plus we have a hard fort game of Export to Shapefile.

Episode 63

Our second attempt at a multi channel podcast.  We have lots of news, lots of views and in Topic of the Week we chat about how Enterprise systems are doing their darnedest to give GIS a run for its money. 

Episode 62

In this episode we admit to being a little overwhelmed by technology as we attempt to livestream video whilst also recording the podcast - do we succeed, you decide!

Episode 61

In this episode Mark disappears mid way though the podcast!  Does he come back, you'll have to listen to find out.  We also cover some existing news about a new global mapping contender, we get all nostalgic about Fuzzy Felts, we realise we know very little about the NLF and only slightly more about the Democratic Primaries.  This week we are definitely not sponsored by Asahi Dry, although it is a tasty drop.

Episode 60

After a tech breakdown enforced break we are playing catch up and cram as much as possible into this episode, so we have news, we have a wrap up of the Esri User Conference 2019 and Mark is challenged to a game of Export to Shapefile.

Episode 59

In this episode Mark and Chris chat with Ed Freyfogle, entrepreneur, investor, geomob wrangler, and co-founder of OpenCage Data about what makes him tick.  Plus we say nice things about DJI, ask why Hobbits didn't use spatial analysis to find their way to Mount Doom, and discuss ways to make the Esri popup nicer. 


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