Episode 42

What’s happened to traditional GIS? Oh it’s there, just next to location analytics.

“Traditional GIS” is taking a battering in the press, but what counts as Traditional or GIS for that matter and why is it being targeted.

Chris and Mark discuss this and other issues in this Episode.

Listen below:

Spatial News

  • Esri acquires ClearTerra location technology


  • QGIS 3.0 Girona is released!


  • The European City Centre With No Street Names
  • Visualizing the Olympics: Top Maps and Data Visualizations from Pyeongchang


  • BBC changes its map projection


  • Star Chase is a GPS tracking device fired from the police car


  • Volvo Race Tracker


Topic of the Week

What is Traditional GIS and why is it being targeted in the media as a dying concept?


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