Episode 46

In this episode, we interview Linda Hecht, geographer, marketer and geospatial location leader.  We discuss Linda’s long career at Esri and what makes her tick now, we talk about her passion for geography and its impact on marketing and we ask what she believes the future of GIS will look like.

Listen below:

Spatial News

  • New Crime Analyst Tools in Pro


  • FOSS4G 2018 International


  • Tinder Places


Interview with Linda Hecht







One thought on “Episode 46

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  1. Over the years, GIS has painted itself into a corner. I recently saw a Microsoft AI commercial that was all about GIS and big data. The GIS community should have owned big data, IoT and even some AI. However, many in the GIS community are being left behind.

    Consider Certified Information Security Officers (CISO) positions. This is the new darling and is highly sought after. Somehow, the GIS community needs demonstrate their worthiness. Even Geospatial Intelligence does not seem to be GIS, but something else.

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