Episode 37

What did you do for GIS day?  We take a look at newly release 3D buildings for Wellington NZ, we defend San Francisco from aliens using MapBox and the Unity ARkit and think about what image we would submit to a GeoHipser calendar.  In Topic of the Week we look at what the new Labour and New Zealand First coalition government mean for the GIS Industry.

Episode 36

After all the fluff and nonsense New Zealand has a new coalition government, we take a look at the coalition's policies and ask what might it mean for our industry here in NZ.  Plus we take a look at local and international news from rendering thousands on polygons on the fly using Mapbox to submitting maps for the 2018 GeoHipster calendar.

Episode 35

What happens when you mix Disney with Esri's CityEngine?  You get Zootopia of course!  We're back with loads of news, we discover we have our own entry on wiki.gis.com and in Topic of the Week we look at the runners and riders for the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards.

Episode 34

Drones get quieter but are they harvesting your data we take a look at drone data privacy.  Plus we find our indigenous side taking a look at both Aboriginal and Maori place names. The OGC approves a new 3D streaming standard, and in Topic of the Week we look at the New Zealand election and how party policy could effect our industry. 

Episode 33

Governor Martin O'Malley leads the discussion on evidence based policy making using mapping.  We take a look below New York City, and take a look at time warped cartography.  We look at how mapping is used during hurricane Harvey and in Topic of the Week we get political with more NZ election chatter. 

Episode 32

Koordinates allows you to publish open data, share private data, and build new geospatial applications.  We talk to one of Koordinate's leading lights Anne Harper, and find out about the platform, what it has to offer, and what keeps Anne so involved in the geospatial industry.

Episode 31

We review the the New Zealand Esri User Conference, what was good, what could be improved, the presentations we enjoyed, and the topics we didn't and we ask the important question can you really enjoy the conference dinner when the lighting turns everything purple? 

Episode 30

We take a look at Operations Dashboard, we whisper about spies in the sky, and we get on the band wagon and talk about Game of Thrones like we actually watch it. HERE makes an appearance, NZ GovtHack raises interest and we discuss the role of location based services within a Smart City framework. In Topic of the week we review the NZ Esri Conference.


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